Wool Mittens for Women and Men with Fleece Lining Fingerless Made of 100% Icelandic Wool by Freyja Canada

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  • 100% Pure Icelandic sheep wool with 100% polyester fleece fabric lining

  • Wash gently by hand in water not exceeding 30. Dry the article on a suitable flat surface

  • 100% pure warm Icelandic sheep's wool mittens

  • Super warm, breathable and fully fleece lined for comfort

  • Lightweight, Water repellent. 2 ply knitted.

  • Matching hat available.

  • Wool knit mittens for women and men. Fingerless, fully fleece lined. Icelandic Snowflake design. Patterned wool mittens. Pattern colors: dark denim, light denim soft purple and white. 100% pure Icelandic sheep's wool. Lightweight, Water-repellent, Breathable. Traditional Icelandic design. Made in Canada. ABOUT ICELANDIC WOOL Why Icelandic wool? Well, it's not a coincidence that generations have worn and loved Icelandic Wool. It's a durable, reliable and super warm fabric. Its unique features are the result of Icelandic unusual climate and location. The Northern region is dominated by the Arctic Ocean and the south by the Gulf Stream. The convergence of these warm and cold water creates perpetually wet and windy climate that is subject to sudden changes in temperature. These conditions have driven Icelandic sheep to adapt and so they grow world class wool. The yarn is manufactured from the fur of the best grade Icelandic long-haired sheep. The yarn consists of two layers: the outer layer is made up of fatty compounds which prevent the wool from getting wet, and the inner layer if fluffy and light and insulates from the cold. A correct ratio of these two layers results in a uniquely dense yarn that is lighter and stronger than any other yarn. Your order will be shipped within 1 BUSINESS DAYS. We ship from Toronto Canada and will ship worldwide. YOUR Satisfaction is our #1 Priority! Both men and women wear it at work or as a sportswear. Traditional Icelandic design.

    Wool Mittens for Women and Men with Fleece Lining Fingerless Made of 100% Icelandic Wool by Freyja Canada

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